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Cowon P5 Gets Official

p5 Cowon P5 Gets Official

The Cowon Q5(W) has been the flagship of all MP3 players for a while, offering and costing more than anything else out there. The successor is now official, and will be called the P5.

The P5 will of course have an impressive feature list, which includes (draws breath): 5″ 800×480 pixel LCD haptic touch screen, FM tuner, TV output, speaker, Bluetooth, USB host, games, DMB-T TV tuner (US version will definitely not have this) and optional Wifi module. It will come in 40, 60 and 80GB versions running a 700mhz CPU and a Windows CE 5.0 core. While 14 hours for audio isn’t very impressive, the stated 9 hours for video certainly is and the device supports pretty much any audio and video format there is. If and when a US version will come out is unknown, but expect it to be priced like it’s predecessor, meaning it won’t be cheap. For more pictures and full tech specs check out the product page.

[via GenerationMP3]