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Microsoft Zune AV Cable Pinouts

zune av cable main Microsoft Zune AV Cable Pinouts

Microsoft introduces yet another pinout configuration to the mix of portable media players. Unusual cable configurations usually mean the consumer is forced to buy “the official” manufacturers cable, but in this case the Zune AV cable has somewhat of a happy ending. The Archos, Gigabeat, Creative Zen Vision:M/W, Cowon iAudio, and Apple iBook AV cable all have the same pinout configurations so they are all interchangeable. Standard camcorder cables are a different configuration and the iPod video has yet another pinout configuration.

The good news for Zune owners is AV cables are similar enough to the a standard camcorder cable as well as the iPod video where as swapping cables will give you the correct connections. Check out the chart below to see what cables will work for each device.

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