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Creative PlayDock i500 and TravelSound I Are Made for iPods

creative madeforipod Creative PlayDock i500 and TravelSound I Are Made for iPods

No need to make an appointment with your optometrist. You’re not seeing things. The upcoming PlayDock i500 and TravelSound I speaker docks are Creative’s first products for the “Made for iPod” line of accessories. You may recall that this was part of the 100 million dollar settlement from last summer, so this is just Creative making good on its promise.

There must not have been anything in the settlement about original accessories, though, because the speakers are just the made-for-Zen PlayDock Z500 and TravelSound Zen V with iPod dock connectors.

The PlayDock i500 and TravelSound I will be available later this month in Japan for $256 and $153, respectively.

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Creative PlayDock Z500 Speakers

creative playdock z500 Creative PlayDock Z500 Speakers

The last time we saw this speaker dock designed for the Creative Zen Vision:M and Zen V (Plus) DAPs was when it was called the TravelDock Z500. Although it’s now dubbed the PlayDock Z500, the system’s specs haven’t changed since then. It still features high-performance drivers, Creative’s Wide Stereo Effect, and an integrated subwoofer with bass control.

The Z500 can be powered with eight C batteries (16 hours of continuous playback) or with the included power adapter (unlimited playback if you’re on top of your utility bills). Like the TravelSound Zen V system, the Z500 is equipped with an antenna to take advantage of the FM tuner built into the Vision:M and V Plus players.

Available in Singapore on Black Friday, the PlayDock Z500 is priced at $200.

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