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Sony Unveils PMX-M70 and PMX-U50 PMPs

sony pmx m70 Sony Unveils PMX M70 and PMX U50 PMPs

When the first images of Sony’s new PMPs surfaced last month, we passed them off as completely fake.

After all, Sony wouldn’t develop the 4.3″ widescreen (480 x 272) PMX-M70 (pictured), with its 20-hour audio and 5-hour video playback times, or the smaller screened (2.4″) PMX-U50, with its 12-hour audio and 3-hour video times, specifically and exclusively for the Chinese market! It wouldn’t grace the MP4/AVI-playing M70 with direct A/V encoding, TV-Out, integrated speakers, and FM tuner and then only give it a measly 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB flash drive. And it certainly wouldn’t have the audacity to release the black, white, and pink U50 (pictured after the jump), seemingly toting all the same features as the M70 except for the recording capabilities, with just 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB of memory.

Sony wouldn’t do that, right? Well, not only would the company do such a thing, but it already did. And as is often the case, pricing and availability outside of China are unknown.

[Press Release via I4U]

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