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Polaroid Announces Freescape 4360 60GB PMP

polaroid Polaroid Announces Freescape 4360 60GB PMP

Polaroid is most commonly known for instant film developing cameras, so even though we have seen a few products by them before, its still rather interesting to see them play in the PMP market.

The Freescape 4360 aka MPU-043315B is a 60GB WiFi enabled device with a 4.3″ 480×272 screen. WiFi will allow it to stream music and video, which puts it in line with devices such as the Archos 605. Video formats are limited to MPEG4 and WMV, and with a battery life of only 16 hours for audio and 4 for video, it might have trouble keeping up. Still, it’s nice seeing that HDD players aren’t all dead. No word yet on pricing or release date, but from Polaroid’s previous record it will most likely be sold at Target.

[ Shiny Shiny via Engadget ]

Polaroid MPA-20011 microSD Flash Player – Surprisingly Cool

polaroid mpa 20011 4 Polaroid MPA 20011 microSD Flash Player   Surprisingly Cool

This player came to me as a surprise. Nothing I would expect from an underdog like Polaroid. The MPA-20011 (I hope they change the name) is a flash-based player that will come in 512MB or 1GB models (they have not yet finalized the capacity). It is packed with all the basic features such as voice recording, FM recording, MP3/WMA audio playback, MPEG/WMV video playback, JPEG photo viewer, and a 25-hour rated battery. The screen looks fantastic measuring in at 2.2”. It also accepts microSD flash memory for up to an additional 2GB.

But what sets this player apart is the navigation and GUI. The navigation is handled by a Blackberry-like jog dial and button on the right side of the player. The GUI is also very smooth and intuitive.

The player will go on sale at Target stores come March. The price has not been set, so stay tuned to your local Target shelves.

Full video demo and more pics below.

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