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Ecci PR401 Review

ecci pr401 main Ecci PR401 ReviewForum member JxK generously loaned me his fresh pair of Ecci PR401 in-ear phones. There’s a bit of hubbub surrounding these phones at the moment – seemingly they’re quite the bang for the buck. Of course there are more than a few other good phones in that price range, so it’s always interesting to see how such underdogs rank in the grand scheme of things.

Ecci, like many other IEM retailers (Hippo, Fischer, Radius, MEElectronics, etc), rebrands Chinese OEM phones, and maybe adds a little custom tuning to the drivers. The PR401 are their top of the line model at the moment, they go for around $75.

I don’t know much more about the retailer, other than the brand was called “Storm” before changing their name to Ecci, and that they also sell portable headphone amps. Be that as it may, one Rebecca Black song says more than a thousand words, so let’s get on with their sonic evaluation.

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