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Zune HD ProClip Mount Review

proclip zune hd 16 Zune HD ProClip Mount Review

I have been using this mounting system for well over a year and have been very pleased with it keeping me focused on the road. I did a ProClip review not too long ago with a slightly different configuration but this one focuses on the Zune HD mount. Check out this review in the forums.

ProClip USA: Professional Device Mounts for Your Car

proclip main ProClip USA: Professional Device Mounts for Your Car

For the many years of owning MP3 players and portable devices I have always just thrown my MP3 players and mobile phones in the little dash holes or center console. It’s always a royal pain scrabbling to answer the phone or change the tracks and I hate to admit it has nearly caused accidents.

I had dash mounts before, but they were always such rubbish. They clipped awkwardly onto the vent louvers and I actually broke the vent in one of my dope rides (‘88 Civic wagon) back in college. With those painful experiences I have been put off by car mounted devices.

I have been eyeing this ProClip setup for many years, but am finally getting a change to check them out.

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