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Sharp Papyrus PW-TC900 MP3 Player/TV Dictionary

sharp papyrus PW TC900 Sharp Papyrus PW TC900 MP3 Player/TV Dictionary

Talk about convergence!

Here we have the upcoming Sharp Papyrus PW-TC900 uberdictionary showing off its QWERTY keyboard and swiveling 480 x 272 display. The clamshell device looks a lot like the company’s Zaurus line of Linux-based PDAs, but what makes the Papyrus stand out is its built-in 1Seg TV tuner (notice the antenna). And if there’s nothing good on the tube, just pop an SD card into the integrated expansion slot to transform the electronic English-Japanese dictionary into an MP3 player and photo viewer.

The Papyrus PW-TC900 will be available in Japan on December 8th. No word yet on price.

[Press Release via Akihabara News]