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Samsung YP-Q3 Review

P1020788bis 520x390 Samsung YP Q3 Review

Editor’s Note: Lebellium is our Samsung Moderator based out of France and English is not his first language, so the grammar and wording in this review is not perfect. Please refrain from grammar trolling in the comments and enjoy the content of the review. Lebellium really knows his stuff when it comes to Samsung and is well connected to the product teams there. He moderates our Samsung forums and does an incredible job- so please have that understanding while you read this review. Thanks! – Enzo/Grahm

After more than a year and a half Samsung finally launched the successor of the Q2, the YP-Q3. Mp3 players enthusiasts have never been interested in the “Q” series but despite its numerous flaws, the Q2 was a bestseller, probably thanks to its low price. While the Q2 was based on the Q1, one can’t say the Q3 is based on the Q2. Actually, Samsung changed so many things that this new device is closer to the R0 than to the Q2. I really wonder why it still belongs to the “Q” series but Samsung series names never made sense after all. On the paper it looks like an interesting audio device but is it really? I’ll try to answer in this in-depth review.

Please note this review is based on firmware 1.31. At the time you are reading it, a new firmware may have been released.

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