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Cowon V5 HD Review

cowonv500main Cowon V5 HD Review

What do you get when you pair decent quality audio/video hardware with a head-scratchingly bad user interface, backwards usability, and disregard for anything that makes sense to the average user? Well, a Cowon PMP, of course. While this was true for the Cowon O2 I reviewed a bit over a year ago, I’ve taken it upon me to go through the same pain again, this time with the Cowon V5.

Grahm already wrote a short preview article about the V5. While I agree with his evaluation that the V5 is a nice upgrade to the O2 on the surface, the mess that is hidden beneath when one tries to use the V5 on a daily basis is even worse.

Read on for the not so surprising in-depth review of this portable media player.

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Samsung U3 Review

samsung u3 main Samsung U3 Review

The Samsung U3 has been on the market for a while now, but like other small players like that it’s not as easily outdated as bigger players that fight for the newest features. With the exception of adding OLED screens, players like the U3 have more or less been stagnating feature wise for the last 3 years. This means the U3 is still a very good candidate. It’s pretty well equipped with an FM radio, touch buttons, recording, and integrated USB connector. Read on to see how well it does in real life

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Microsoft Zune Review

microsoft zune main thumb Microsoft Zune Review

This review is out of date. The firmware has been upgraded making it a very different player. While this review will still be accurate in terms of build quality and design, the Zune 80 review will give a more accurate overview of the Zune 30 since it is nearly identical in features and functionality.

The portable audio market is a multibillion-dollar industry and continues to grow at exponential rates. So of course everyone wants a piece of that market, including Microsoft. The Zune, introduced many months ago, has gotten off to an OK start but is by no means a category killer. This is mainly due to what I think was a rush to the market with a hacked-together piece of hardware, half-baked firmware, and over-hyped wireless functionality.

Nonetheless, there is a lot of good stuff going on with the Zune and it is definitely on the correct path; so I remain optimistic that the Zune will improve over time. As of now, the design and style is rugged and the interface is nice and simple. It is also sitting at a very nice price point for the features even at its current firmware version 1.3 offering. So as features are added to firmware, the Zune becomes a more attractive buy.

Without further ado, I bring you the overdue Zune review.

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SanDisk Sansa c200 Review

sandisk sansa c200 main SanDisk Sansa c200 Review

The update to the c100 appropriately named the c200 series is SanDisk’s latest small flash based MP3 player. The c200 is available in two sizes 1GB (c240) and 2GB (c250). The player sports a 1.4” 64k color screen, FM radio, FM and voice recording, removable battery, and uniquely, a microSD memory slot for the addition of up to 2 more gigabytes of memory. Audio playback supports all of your vanilla formats like MP3, WMA, and WAV files. The c200 is compatible with DRM PlaysForSure music services like Urge, Napster, and Yahoo!. The player is not high-end but does offer a nice set of features for the money.

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