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Sony Rolly, Music in Motion

sony rolly Sony Rolly, Music in Motion

At last Sony has launched an official site explaining the details of their peculiar egg-shaped music player, named the Rolly, which uses robot technology to move about while it plays music from its speakers on each end.

The sound production is particularly inventive, as the circular ends to the Rolly focus the music directly ahead to give a stereo sound, while the player vibrates bass through the surface it is making contact with. Controlling the device is done by rotating one the wheels. Selecting a specific function depends on whether music is playing or not, or if it is held in a horizontal or vertical position.

Music is played wirelessly either from another paired Bluetooth device, or from its 1GB of internal memory in MP3, ATRAC and AAC (unprotected), as it carries out the moves created by a Motion Editor software.

Japan will receive the Rolly on September 29 for an equivalent of $346, while there has been no mention of an international release yet.

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