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Yamaha BODiBEAT Matches Body and Music

yamaha bodibeat Yamaha BODiBEAT Matches Body and Music

Music motivated exercisers among us (who prefer to stay dry) may find an ideal MP3 player to be small, portable, light, with simple controls, and possibly an armband. What more could you ask for? Yamaha’s new BODiBEAT offers all of the above, plus it uses an in-built accelerometer and pulse monitor wired to the earphones to play music which corresponds to your running speed. As your workout speed changes, so does the speed of your music, but preloaded beat loops are used to connect two songs together to avoid altering the play speed of a song. The BODiBEAT can record your training statistics which can then be transferred to your computer.

Coming in one size of 512MB and a battery life of 12 hours for around $300, this player may test just how essential improvement is to your exercise routine.

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