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JAYS s-JAYS Review

sjays P1130177main cr JAYS s JAYS Review

Our Swedish friends who already brought us the q-JAYS (among other things) are at it again with their newly introduced s-JAYS in-ear phones. Some people found the q-JAYS to have too little bass quantity and too much treble, so JAYS did a 180° turn and engineered the new s-JAYS with a quite bass heavy response.

Their price is half of the q-JAYS and the same as the d-JAYS, so they are certainly in an affordable price range.

We did review quite a few precise, analytic phones recently (like our Editor’s Choice, the Phonak Audéo PFE, or JAYS’ own q-JAYS), so let’s see how this new offering for the basshead crowd fares…

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