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Sony A, E, and S Series made official


Walkman MP3 Players Sony Sony Store USA Google Chrome 7272011 14634 PM.bmp1 560x352 Sony A, E, and S Series made official

Sony fans no longer have to worry about leaked information on their new lineup. It’s been made official, and all 3 models will feature Sony’s exclusive Clear Audio Technologies, Karaoke mode, lyric support, playlist support’ and bookmarking. To compete with other high end players, Sony has added SensMe which keeps your music in tune with your mood by automatically categorizing your music tracks into different channels.

The stereo-Bluetooth equipped A-series leads the way and features a 2.8-inch (400×240) touch screen, as oppose to the rumored 3.4-inch that would have been much more enjoyable. as mentioned, the Clear Audio Tech is bundled with the new player as well as the new S-Master MX digital amplifier technology which Sony says reduces noise level and distortion, to create a superb sound experience. The audio detail should come through pretty clear with Sony’s bundled premium earbuds, which are arguably the best bundled buds available. 8Gb will set you back $179 with the 16Gb version leaving you $219 lighter in the wallet. No mention of storage expansion, which is a serious letdown.

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JVC Victor Alneo XA-S208/S108 Lends a Hand to Sound Recording

jvc victor alneo xa s208 JVC Victor Alneo XA S208/S108 Lends a Hand to Sound Recording

JVC Victor will introduce two new Alneo DAPs to Japan in October. Many conventional features provided by flash players in its class are also present in the XA-S108 and XA-S208. There’s nothing exceptional about the 1GB and 2GB capacities, 4-line monochrome OLED, option of 5 colors, support for MP3, WMA (DRM), and 20 hour battery life.

To break the mould of the competition JVC is relying on its extended recording functions which have been implemented in previous Alneo devices. As well as line-in recording, the sound recording level of the mic is monitored and an indicator is displayed, while periods in which distortion is too high or sound level is too low are excluded from the recording. The alneo S series might offer an ideal balance between basic recorder and basic MP3 player.

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