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Cowon S9 Listening and RMAA Tests

rmaa s9 Cowon S9 Listening and RMAA Tests

Frequency response

After a month of agonizing customs and shipping problems I finally was able to get Martin’s S9 over to him. He couldn’t be more pleased sighting the brilliant screen and native video support. With that as our trusted headphone editor he has performed listening and RMAA comparison tests side by side with the Cowon O2 and D2.

While I didn’t buy in the hype of being the best sounding Cowon to date (check out my S9 review), he didn’t either- though stating it is nearly the same as the recent Cowon players. Check out the details and frequency response graphs comparing the S9 to the O2 and D2.

iRiver S10 Review

iriver s10 main iRiver S10 Review

iriver has created some amazing players over the last 8 years they’ve been in the market, and the S10 is no exception. The S10 is iriver’s first foray into the strange and wonderful world that is the mini music player. Clearly designed to compete with Apple’s newest iPod Shuffle, the S10 takes things up a notch by keeping the dimensions nearly the same as the Shuffle, but with the addition of a vibrant 1.15” OLED display. And iriver didn’t stop there; they crammed an FM radio, voice recorder, and photo viewer in there as well.

But is the S10 worth the hefty price tag? Read on…

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