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Samsung S2 Pebble Review

samsung s2 main Samsung S2 Pebble Review

Admittedly I’m not a big fan of MP3 Players without screens since I like to be able to browse what is one my player, but I do see their appeal. Samsung is the third major brand to release a screenless player right after the Shuffle and the Zen Stone. While players lacking screen lack overall functionality the do their best and make up for it in style. Samsung has done a good job with the S2’s design making it more of a wearable accessory with the lanyard style headphones.

If I had to choose one of these faceless players, the S2 may be it since I get a kick out of the glossy finish and extended on the go playlist functions. If you are looking for something simple, please read on.

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Samsung S2 and S3 gets Official

s2s3 Samsung S2 and S3 gets Official

A little over a month ago we saw the first pictures of Samsung’s new players – the S2 and S3. At the time all info we had was provided by a few youtube videos taken at a Samsung product showcase and since then we haven’t heard anything more about them – until now.

Both the new players focus on design, as Samsung states in the press release. The S2 is as expected very close to the first generation Zen Stone, but also features OGG support, playlists, FM radio and EQ. Since the player has no screen some of these features are handled through various variations of LED colors and patterns. To be honest I’m not sure how well this will work in real life, but at least with the extra features it has something new to offer compared to it’s mentioned Creative brother. It will come in four different colors, 1GB only, and be available in June.

The S3 is basically the new version of the K3. Specs wise it’s very close to Sony’s S610 featuring a 240×320 1.8″ display, 4/8GB, compact design and video playback. Battery life is a little behind the Sony with 25 hours for audio and 4 hours for video. Bluetooth is not included like on many other Samsung players, but you will get text support, flash games, a clock, and a FM radio with recording. Like the S2 it will come in four different colors and be available in June. Hit the link below for more pictures.

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