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Upcoming iriver S7: Thinner, Screenless S10

iriver s7 Upcoming iriver S7: Thinner, Screenless S10

If Halloween was in October, then why is the iriver S10 disguised as the new (and, as the model number suggests, unimproved) S7? Parading the same general dimensions as the S10, the S7 is a scant .05 inches thinner and doesn’t have a display. Instead, the face of the pastel-colored player can be decorated with one of four inexpensive ($4) six-pack sticker sets. Sounds really fun for a five-year-old girl.

For six-year-olds and up, the 1GB S7 has an FM tuner and supports MP3, WMA, ASF, and OGG. It also has SRS WOW HD audio effects, a shuffle playback function, and battery life of about 9 hours. Like the S10, it’s a bit overpriced ($99) and won’t likely make its way to U.S. shores without the help of a kind importer.

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