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ASUCI v2 shows the J3/S9/X7 from a new angle

(Warning: If you’re not immune to ear-hemorrhage-inducing pop music, you better turn down the volume on your speakers/headphones before starting the video.)

The Cowon J3 is far from being abandoned by the user interface modding community (and the S9 and X7 benefit from being compatible). Well known Korean UCI designer Asurada presents a teaser video of his newest creation, ASUCI v2.

Using 45 degree tilted interface elements would usually be just a gimmick, but Asurada obviously put a lot of thought into the design and usability of his theme. Next to ergonomic left-handed usage I especially like the increased length of the slider bar, allowing for more precise scrolling in a track. It seems to hit a quite sweet middle ground between a portrait- and a landscape-oriented interface.

[ASUCI v2 official site (Korean) via iAudiophile]

Kizune’s Cowon J3/S9 UCIs: Aero Music and Chakra

kizune1 Kizunes Cowon J3/S9 UCIs: Aero Music and Chakra

I’ve whipped up two short videos to showcase what I personally believe to be the most fetching and useful UCIs (user created interfaces) available for the Cowon J3 and S9 (besides Claw’s venerable S9 UCI). Forum member Kizune really has outdone himself with these projects, combining a great visual style with a high level of usability and generally better logic than Cowon’s default interfaces.

Do not adjust your set, these videos are silent. I spare you the yapping, heavy breathing, and other superfluous background noises.  I prefer letting Kizune’s UCIs talk for themselves. Please provide your own music of choice to go with them, and if you have questions about these UCIs, just ask them in the comments below – or, even better, check out the Aero Music and Chakra forum threads.

Videos after the jump – even in 720p when Youtube isn’t clogged.

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Cowon S9 In Ceramic White

cowon s9 white main Cowon S9 In Ceramic White

I must say the ceramic white Cowon S9 looks really nice especially against the contrasting deep black screen. What also looks to be different is the finish on the back of the player. The titanium and chrome have a rubbery matte finish where as this appears to be a white glossy finish. It’s a nice change up from all the traditionally black players. Even though I have a Noreve case on my titanium S9 I would have gone with the white if it were available at the time I got mine. Its only available in Korea at the moment but we should see it appear stateside soon. Be sure to read the S9 review if you are in the market for a new player.

[Product Page via Pocketables]

Reader Rigs: DFKT’s Cowon S9 + Headsix + UE11

dfkt rig 01 Reader Rigs: DFKT’s Cowon S9 + Headsix + UE11

We all love to show off our portable gear, whether its low key or something flashy and expensive- its a lot of fun to see how we all make our portable audio experience personal. In the forums we have a subforum dedicated to showing off your gear. The thread that started it all continues to grow into something massive:Show off your portable audio stuff! (56k warning)

Every so often we thought it would be cool to show off some of the site reader or forum member’s portable audio setups. To start it all off we thought it would be appropriate to feature the creator of the portable rig thread, DFKT aka Martin Sägmüller, our headphone editor and forum admin. As an enthusiast, he has quite a few rigs shown off, but this one is one of the more recent and stunning. Below are some photos and breakdown of this luscious setup.

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Glass Screen Durability Test: A Lesson on the Mohs Hardness Scale

Browsing around the forums I see a few people purchasing screen protectors for their MP3 players that have glass screens. Some might say better safe than sorry but these screens are much more durable than one would think. Below I put a few of these glass screen players though some rather harsh scratch tests, well beyond what the vast majority of users might experience.

screen durability main Glass Screen Durability Test: A Lesson on the Mohs Hardness Scale

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Cowon S9 Noreve Case Review

cowon s9 noreve Cowon S9 Noreve Case Review

One of the common complaints I hear about the Cowon S9 is that it feel too light and hollow. I recently found a fix for this by adding a really nice leather case, making it feel more substantial. While I don’t think that will be the main reason for someone to purchase a case for the S9, I do think the better reason is to protect your investment and keep the S9 blemish free.

Read on for pics and opinions on this case.

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Cowon S9 2.10b Adds Widgets and Lots of Other Updates

s9 widgets Cowon S9 2.10b Adds Widgets and Lots of Other Updates

Cowon just rolled out a beta of a fairly substantial firmware update to the S9. A list of the added and improved functions can be found here along with a download link. The important updates to note are the additions of widgets and the pitch correction on the video playback. These are noteworthy since these are some features the Samsung P3 already has.

I have been carrying both the Cowon S9 and the Samsung P3 for the last few months and they are both worthy opponents on features and on quality. Though personally I found that I use the P3 more than the S9 mainly due to the UI; the P3 is much more organized and intuitive. Though, with the addition of the widgets on the S9 has made the home screen even more cumbersome, just from the few hours I have been using it. The problem is the S9’s widget screen is a toggle, widgets or icons, where as the P3 mashes both icons and widgets on multiple “desktops” you can flip though. But I digress, once both firmware’s become more stable look for a P3 vs S9 throwdown.

Corning Gorilla Glass Protects Cowon’s S9

cowon s9 glass Corning Gorilla Glass Protects Cowon’s S9

Corning is on the cutting edge of all things made out of glass, everything from eyeglasses, to astronomy optics, to fiber optics, all the way to 4 ton panes of nuclear shielded window glass (yeah that serious). One of the things they make for the consumer electronics industry is Gorilla Glass which is a chemically hardened glass made to flex beyond what normal glass would and fend off hard objects that would typically crack glass. Corning’s site mentions that this material is available in 0.5mm to 2mm and having looked at the S9 apart it appears to be the 0.5mm thickness. Having used the S9 first hand (S9 review) for quite some time I can vouch for its toughness and would love to see more device manufactures use this technology.

You can find more about Gorilla Glass on Corning’s site along with the Cowon S9 announcement. There is also a really cool video demo on that site showing off its ruggedness, but I have also embedded it below for you convenience. (thanks Olley)

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Cowon S9 Review

cowon s9 main Cowon S9 Review

One of the most anticipated players of this year is the Cowon S9. We named the D2 one of the top 5 players of this year and those users have been clamoring for a successor. Even though the S9 is not a D2 successor it does go a big step beyond with what I think is one of the more important features, native xvid support- no conversion necessary. It does also offer a much more usable capacitance touch screen compared to the D2.

After seeing how poorly the O2’s initial firmware was when released I was concerned there would be some stability issues, but was relieved to find stable firmware. But after all the waiting and all the hype that has been buzzing in our forums, does it live up to the talk?

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Cowon S9 UI Video, Release Dates, micro-B USB

cowon s9 video Cowon S9 UI Video, Release Dates, micro B USB

This video has been released on the S9’s UI and I will have to say it looks stunning. My previous worries about the S9 firmware and interface are diminished. This player looks to be night and day from the firmware on the O2 we have been concerned with. It looks like Cowon is on the right track with the S9. I spoke with Greg from GenMP3 about the S9 earlier, he has had a chance to use an S9 and says that the touch works great and the GUI is very smart.

So other good news is that Cowon is planning on a 32GB release of this player tentatively in February with 8GB and 16GB trickling out to the various countries at the end of this month and early January. It supposedly pops its head up earlier on Amazon, but I have yet to see it for sale anywhere in the US.

Another thing we know about the Cowon is that it will have a micro-B USB connection. This is a fairly non standard USB plug so be prepared to pack another cable. Though this is the same connection that the iriver SPINN uses and as Andreas points out to me that many mobile phones are starting to use this type of connection.

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