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Philips SA3100 Series Flash DAPs

philips sa3100 Philips SA3100 Series Flash DAPs

The most unique element about Philips’ upcoming SA3100 series of low-capacity flash DAPs is that they support SMV videos. Other than that, the white 1GB SA3114 and 2GB SA3124 and the black 1GB SA3115 and 2GB SA3125 (names we’ll all certainly remember) are pretty standard fare. They’ve each got 1.8″ 65K-color LCD, FM radio, voice recorder, JPG photo viewer, and . . . well, that’s about it.

Battery life is pretty dismal at 10 hours for music and 2 hours for video, but the prices for the 0.46″-thick players aren’t too bad: 70 and 100 euros for the 1GB and 2GB versions, respectively.

[Product Page via GenerationMP3]