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From the forums: €999 Samsung YP-W3 retro review

ypw3 560x420 From the forums: €999 Samsung YP W3 retro review

Sometimes, electronics companies release limited edition devices aimed at people who have a lot of money. That happened back in 2005, when Samsung released the YP-W3 pocket watch style DAP. One of the versions of the DAP came with all the bells and whistles, including platinum plating, eight diamonds, a wooden box, the best earphones Samsung had at the time, and more. The cost? €999, or about $1300 with today’s exchange rate.

The combination of a high cost and few units made caused this DAP to be somewhat of an impossible dream for many DAP collectors, including our forum moderator, lebellium. Thanks to the miracle of eBay, however, he managed to get his hands on a used one 7 years later, for the much nicer price of €70. It might be 7 years old and technically outdated by now, but the YP-W3 is a very special piece of DAP history. Lebellium now has a review of the player in our forums, so if you want to read about the DAP that cost more than a nice set of high-end tablets today, check out the review by hitting the link below.

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We Get Handsy With Samsung’s MyFit

samsung myfit We Get Handsy With Samsung’s MyFit

We got some one-on-one time with Samsung’s new Myfit player at CES today. The Myfit is geared more toward helping you reach your fitness goals than playing media– although it’s quite capable of that as well.

MyFit features a 2.4” 320×240 TFT display, FM radio and a respectable 40 hour battery life (5 video). Where MyFit really shines is with its fitness oriented features, such as the food library which will provide you with basic nutrition info on that greasy burger you’re about to wolf down. And to help you burn that burger off, there’s a library of 90 activities, which it will audibly talk you through.

The most interesting part of the MyFit, however, is its sensors. There’s a sensor on the top which is capable of checking your pulse and stress levels, and the player will recommend songs based on your current stress level. It has an accelerometer to track your steps and calories burned. The player can also analyze body fat by pressing the top of the player to the area you want analyzed– although, we’re not exactly sure how it accomplishes this. Sorcery, we assume.

Look for the MyFit early this year in 8 and 16GB flavors. Still no word on retail pricing, unfortunately. Pics after the jump.

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Samsung’s IceTouch: Funkiest Player of 2010?

icetouch Samsung’s IceTouch: Funkiest Player of 2010?

Samsung just announced one of its latest players, the IceTouch. And we’re not gonna lie, it kind of looks like a giant home pregnancy test of some kind.

The player (which will make an appearance at CES in Vegas, where we will surely mock it in person) features a unique transparent 2″ AMOLED touch display with some sort of glass/plastic injected casing, 16GB of storage, and Samsung’s touchwhiz sweep interface. It also supports a large number of A/V codecs, including the new lossless MP3hd.

There’s a reason this is the worlds first PMP with a transparent display, because it’s ridiculous. I’m sorry Samsung, I don’t need to be looking at my feet through the display. I just don’t.

No word yet on pricing or release dates.


Samsung Unveils YP-M1 at IFA in Berlin

Samsung YP M1 DMB Samsung Unveils YP M1 at IFA in Berlin
Samsung earlier this week unveiled its latest PMP offering, the YP-M1, at the 2009 IFA in Berlin. The M1 is being touted by some as Samsung’s answer to the Zune HD, mainly because it’s sporting Nvidia’s powerful new Tegra chipset under the hood.

The YP-M1 features a 3.3-inch 480×272 AMOLED touchscreen, 720P playback and will be available in 8,16 and 32GB flavors. It also features a micro-SD slot, bluetooth support, and built-in stereo speakers. Noticeably absent is WiFi support. Without WiFi, the M1 may have a tough time going up against the Zune HD.

The YP-M1 should be available in the UK later this month. No word yet on whether or not the M1 will make an appearance in the States. In the meantime check out the video demo below.

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