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Sansa Clip+ 40GB Possible With Adapter

40gbclip 2 Sansa Clip+ 40GB Possible With Adapter

The new Sansa Clip+ is one of several players that come with support for microSDHC cards. While smaller than SDHC cards, the capacity is also lower at 16GB max – although 32GB is coming. This means that while SDHC players like the Cowon D2 can get up to 32GB of extra storage, the microSDHC players are limited to 16GB for now. Or are they?

A few weeks ago I ran across an SDHC to microSDHC adapter on DealExtreme. Unlike most adapters between the two card types, this one actually gives you a microSDHC card from a bigger SDHC card instead of the other way around. Since the SDHC standard is the same regardless of size and the adapter simply takes the pins from the SDHC card and transfers it through a ribbon cable to a dummy microSDHC card, you can use any full size SDHC card as long as the player you use it with supports the SDHC standard (microSDHC counts). This means you can get 32GB of extra storage on your Sansa Clip+, Sansa Fuze or any other microSDHC player.

Still not convinced it works? Our forum moderator no9 ordered one of these and now have it fully working with a 32GB SDHC card in his 4GB Clip+. 4GB shy of the 40GB maximum you get with a 8GB Clip+ and this thing, that’s still a LOT of storage on a small player like that. The downside? The adapter sticks out, and refreshing the media library with a full card takes close to 15 minutes. If you use this with a bigger player like the Sansa Fuze you should be able to fit the adapter on the back and tape over it or whatever, and the slow refresh is only after you put the card in for the first time or after you’ve connected it to manage your music. Regardless of the downsides, the capacity we’re reaching with players this small is quite astonishing and make for very attractive players for people with large music collections. Hit the jump for a couple more pics.

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Affordable 32GB SDHC Cards Boost Flash Players to a New Level

32gbsdhc Affordable 32GB SDHC Cards Boost Flash Players to a New Level

The last few years the number of hard drive players have diminished drastically and we’re left with only the iPod Classic, Zune and a few large media players that still use this technology. There has been somewhat of a gap between HDD players going off the market and flash players replacing them as there’s still only a few players doing 32GB of flash. A forum topic about a new 32GB PNY card on Amazon is the first sign we’re getting that SDHC cards have now reached 32GB at a reasonable price. This means that players using SDHC cards will now get a drastic memory boost. Read on to see the possibilities of these new cards.

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