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Zune Sponsors Diggnation

diggzune Zune Sponsors Diggnation

I am a big fan of Diggnation hosted by the rarely sober nerd duo, Alex and Kevin. It is fantastic that they got their show sponsored by the Zune or any MP3 player for that matter; hopefully this ends the need to paste their faces on herbal tea blends.

Alex is a Windows user and a fan of the Zune, but his counterpart is pretty hardcore Apple. Stefan from IHaveAZune points out that Kevin has been rallying for Zune software support on the Mac. I admit that iTunes was once quite nice, but now it’s just a messy and bloated media player. Zune Software now stomps all over its muted grey façade, so I see why Kevin would be rallying for Zune support.

While I highly doubt that Mac support is high on the Zune team’s priority list, I was told it does run nicely under Parallels. Anyway, just wanted to plug my favorite podcast and give Alex and Kevin a friendly “Welcome to the Social”.