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SOL Republic announces new headphone lineup

SOL 560x372 SOL Republic announces new headphone lineup

I know that most people around these parts aren’t exactly fans of Monster Cable. It’s easy to see why, but what interest would you have for a company that was only partially involved with Monster? SOL is hoping a lot.

The VP of marketing for Monster Cable, Kevin Lee, has co-founded a new company called Soundtrack of Life (SOL) Republic. Engadget recently spent some time with SOL’s prototypes and came away pretty impressed with the build quality and design among other things. There are a couple variations depending on your preference for in-ear models or cans. For $60, you can get the Amp in-ears with another $40 ($100 total) bringing you up to the HD version. Meanwhile the on-ear headphones, the Tracks, will set you back $100 for the normal version and $130 for the HD model.

The Amp in-ears are a nicely designed model that are pretty straightforward. You get a right angle jack that’ll run the cord up to the iPhone controllable remote. The cords themselves are circular, and not flat like seem to be the trend now-a-days. The Tracks also have  a pretty under-styled design for the entry level being mostly glossy black ear cups with a matte headband. If you jump up to the HD model though, you buy yourself a little brushed metal treatment.

While the in-ear Amps weren’t available for listening, Engadget was able to throw the Tracks on their ears for a couple minutes to dish out some thoughts. It seems as though SOL, with their Beats by Dre ties, don’t stray far from that sound signature as there is a strong emphasis on bass. Actually, an “exorbitant amount of bass.” When advancing up the food chain to the HD models, the Tracks “got a bit clearer: there was better extension in the highs and the mids were clearer, all with the same amount of bass.”

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