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Your Very Own Custom Fit IEMs in 4 Minutes

sonomax Your Very Own Custom Fit IEMs in 4 Minutes

There’s not a lot of portable audio related news from CES so far, but Canada’s Sonomax are definitely worth mentioning. So far the company from Montreal has been known for custom fit hearing protectors, and now they venture into the crowded niche of custom fit in ear monitors with their “Sculpted Eers” (sic) series of IEMs.

sonomax2 Your Very Own Custom Fit IEMs in 4 MinutesThe special trick up Sonomax’s sleeve is – unlike every other custom IEM manufacturer’s ordering process – that you don’t have to have ear impressions made by an audiologist, send them in to the company, and wait for a month or two until your finished custom IEMs are returned to you. With Sonomax you simply buy the phones plus molding kit in a store, put the retro-futuristic headphone-shaped injection device on your head which fits the IEMs’ tips to your ears by injecting silicone into a ‘balloon’, wait four minutes until the mold hardens, and Bob’s your uncle.

Sonomax custom IEMs should be available across North American retailers this spring, for $199 (dynamic driver) and $299 (dual armature, or “sound enhancing interface module”, as the Sonomax marketing department calls it). That’s a pretty good price, considering what such devices usually cost. Let’s hope they sound as good as they look. Personally, being already spoiled by a pair of custom Ultimate Ears IEMs, I can’t wait to try Sonomax’s approach to custom comfort and isolation.

Thanks to forum moderator WalkGood for the tip. Via Financial Post, NY1.

(Update: Images show a slightly different product – the V4, not the Sculpted Eers.)