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Star Wars Lightsaber MP3 Player Review

P1030421bis 560x420 Star Wars Lightsaber MP3 Player Review

For many people, Star Wars is only 6 movies that came out in the cinema between 1977 and 2005. Actually, you should not forget that Star Wars it’s also an expanded universe, probably one of the biggest fictional universe ever invented by human being: there are books, comics, video games, TV series etc… Well it’s an almost limitless universe that goes far beyond the 6 famous movies. Generally there is no time for rest in the movies as the action is everywhere! But have you already wondered what the Jedi and Sith are doing once you turned off your DVD player? They do sport, they play parlour games, they organize droid fights, they chat on facebook, but they also sometimes get bored between two missions, just like you and me. Then it’s time to get out their lightsaber to listen to music. Indeed, what isn’t written in any encyclopedia is that Jedi and Sith generally have foresight and include a small mp3 player in the lightsaber when they design and make it.

A website is selling lightsaber mp3 players. At first that looked quite dubious since every lightsaber is supposed to be unique and built by its owner but finally I found their speech reassuring enough: “Generic MP3 players from fly-by-night operations in China cost about $2.70 each in bulk. Add an FM radio function and you might bump the price up by about $0.45 each. We don’t want those. We want Taito’s officially licensed Star Wars Light Saber Kei MP3 Player which isn’t generic. It’s specialized and looks like a light saber handle with nifty and ornate detailing. Won’t find that in a no-frills generic player.” Once you have read that, you’ll agree with me it’s impossible to resist buying one! Of course I got the one of Darth Vader. No that the lighsaber of Luke Skywalker (Darth Vader’s son for people living in another world) is ugly but the dark side of the Force is more attractive, isn’t it?

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Star Wars Lightsaber MP3 Player

lightsaber Star Wars Lightsaber MP3 Player

Remember the epic Star Trek Tricorder MP3 player from last year? Of course you do— we just gave a link. The Tricorder player undoubtedly had Star Wars fans in basements across the globe up in arms. Seethe no more Star Wars nerds, the novelty MP3 player industry hasn’t forgotten you.

Meet the Light Saber Kei, an MP3 player designed to look like a light saber. It’s also loaded with features: it’s got a microSD slot, and I think there’s some skip/volume buttons on there, maybe even a power button.

Okay, maybe it’s not the most feature-packed player we’ve seen. But it’s a light saber! That pretty much trumps everything. The player should be available in February, for a mere $24 from NCSX.