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SanDisk Sansa Clip vs Creative Zen Stone Plus

clip vs stoneplus SanDisk Sansa Clip vs Creative Zen Stone Plus

The Sansa Clip recently proved that it’s a better player than the iPod Shuffle in a faceoff here on abi>>. We won’t let it rest however, as it’s time for it to take on a stronger opponent, feature wise – the Creative Zen Stone Plus.

With both players being available up to 4GB (once the silver clip is released), and both of them featuring pretty much the same features from a technical point of view, this is set to be a much closer competition. Read on to see the face-off.

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Creative Zen Stone and Stone Plus With Built-In Speaker

zen stone speaker main Creative Zen Stone and Stone Plus With Built In Speaker

Creative never ceases to amaze me on the crazy stuff they jam into their already confusing product line. So here we go with another such product. Creative has managed to cram a speaker into both the Zen Stone and the Zen Stone Plus, keeping the same product name, and merely added a caveat to them- “with built in speaker”. If someone emailed me a leaked photo of this I probably would not have posted because it’s almost not believable.

So how does it sound? It was actually surprisingly loud. Clear? Yes, but I could see the lack of full range becoming rather fatiguing on your ears for extended periods of time- much like the Zen WAV’s tinny sounding speaker. I can see some applications for the Zen Stone Plus (with built in speaker) since it has an FM radio. It might come in handy at the gym. However, the Zen Stone (with built in speaker), I’m going to go ahead and skip this one across the pond of wtf.

The 2GB Stone Plus retails for $60 and the 2GB screenless Stone retails for $50. Available for preorder on Creative’s site now. There are a few photos below comparing the Stone (with built in speaker) to the Stone Plus.

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Creative Announces the Zen Stone Plus

creative zen stone plus Creative Announces the Zen Stone Plus

Just shortly after the release of the Zen Stone, Creative has announced the Zen Stone Plus, which turns out to sport nearly the same form factor but adds a display and a slew of other new though relatively typical features. The screen is a blue OLED screen that helps it achieve a 9.5-hour battery time. Additionally you will get an FM radio, a stopwatch, and voice recorder. You can also listen to your voice over a music track to make your own karaoke. The good news to all you UMS/MSC fans is that like the Zen Stone, the Zen Stone Plus will be drag and drop for any OS.

The ZSP goes on sale soon in Singapore for S$99 but will likely drop in the US, possibly hitting the $70 USD mark for the 2GB capacity. Stay tuned for more coverage; however, I make no promises that I’ll be able to keep it in one piece.

[Product Page | Press Release]