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Panasonic D-Snap SV-SD850N

panasonic dsnap svsd850n Panasonic D Snap SV SD850N

Panasonic announced today the newest addition to its D-Snap line of SD/SDHC-based digital audio players. Unlike the MPEG4 camcorder D-Snaps from a few years ago, the new SV-SD850N offers little more than a 4-line OLED display, MP3/WMA/AAC support, FM tuner, and line-in recording packed into a casing reminiscent of but not as sleek as the Samsung K3.

Notable features of the player include a noise-cancellation feature that reportedly reduces ambient noise by 83% and an incredible 80-hour battery life with said feature disabled (a still-impressive 60 hours otherwise). A 1GB SD card and a decent-looking pair of canal phones will be bundled with the $168 SV-SD850 (available in white, black, red, blue, and brown) when it hits Japan on April 26th.

[Product Page | Press Release via AV Watch]