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Dolphin MP3 Player for Swimmers

dolphin swim mp3 Dolphin MP3 Player for Swimmers

If the goggles didn’t make you look ridiculous enough, you can strap on this MP3 player to the side of your head. The small canister-shaped waterproof MP3 player is designed specifically for swimmers. Dubbed, the Dolphin, the player comes in 1GB and 2GB sizes. The press release states the 2GB version to be selling for 19,800 Yen or around $160 USD starting in July. The Dolphin comes with a few different water tight earplugs and various lengths of cable to be used along with the armband, for the less ridiculous look.

I wouldn’t expect this to come to the stats so you will have to look to your favorite Japanese importer to get a hold of one. You could swim to Japan and get one yourself but you would only have tunes for the voyage back.

[Product Page via AVWatch]

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