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Creative's Stone-like MuVo T100

creative muvo t100 Creative's Stone like MuVo T100

Creative’s has just released the Muvo T100 screenless MP3 player. The button layout resembles their other screenless player the Zen Stone and carries an almost identical feature set. The only difference appears to be the form factor and the built in USB plug. The player resembles a standard USB flash drive and also acts as one using a standard MSC (UMS) transfer protocol. The T100 handles the standard MP3 and WMA audio formats in addition to Audible audio book formats. With a 10 hour battery life the player will come in 6 different colors (just like the Zen Stone).

Currently the player is only available in Singapore and will sell for 90 SGD and 150 SGD ($60/$100) for 2GB and 4GB capacities. That’s actually not that bad considering you would only spend a little less on a standard flash drive. This would without a doubt be a great flash drive substitute for school or work use.

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