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iriver T50 Heads for Japan

iriver t50 bw iriver T50 Heads for Japan

If you’ve ever wanted to immortalize your love of Toblerone chocolate with a 1GB flash DAP, the iriver T50 is the way to do it.

The white and black players haven’t changed at all since they were first seen at CES, so they’ve still got that tiny 1″ 128 x 64 CSTN display, FM tuner, voice recorder, BMP viewer, and astounding 52-hour battery life. The T50 measures a scant 2.9″ x 1.2″ x 1.0″ and since it’s coming from iriver, you know it supports Ogg along with MP3, WMA, and WMA-DRM files.

Expected in Japan on April 14th for about $85.

[AV Watch via Engadget]

CES 2007 iriver Roundup: clix2 W10 X20 B20 T50 T60 Mplayer

blk iriver logo CES 2007 iriver Roundup: clix2 W10 X20 B20 T50 T60 Mplayer

We’ve been holding off on covering the slew of iriver DAPs appearing at CES in hopes for some hands-on time, but it seems we’ll have to wait like everyone else for the official releases (most of which are unknown). That’s okay, though, because from what we’ve seen and heard, most of the devices should definitely be worth the wait . . . assuming they’ll be available in the U.S., of course.

In the meantime, let’s take a quick look at everything the lovely folks at iriver have in store for us this year.

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