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Iriver T9: a Stick That Wants to Do it All

2011051614140594552 Iriver T9: a Stick That Wants to Do it All

It’s something like the Samsung U Series, something like the Sony B14/15/16 series, but it’s also trying to be a Sansa Shaker, or maybe a Nike+ accessory. Take your pick.

The iriver T9 sports an aluminum housing, it has a g-sensor so you can shake for the next song (cause using the buttons is way too inconvenient), and it has a ‘screen saver’ that says “I love you” and “enjoy your life” (yeah, cause a ‘screen saver’ prolongs the life of a monochrome OLED display). Now I have to go cut myself, BRB.

Oh, before I forget – it comes in appalling 2 and 4GB sizes (no expansion slot), it plays MP3/WMA/APE/FLAC (but no Vorbis), it has SRS WOW sound enhancements (for the little trunk rattler in you), an FM radio, and a voice recorder. There’s also a ‘fitness mode’ with step and calorie counter. It has an USB plug built in, so you don’t need any cables to carry around with you.

Thanks to Splashback for the tip.