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Anythingbutipad – We Would Rather Call Them Tablets

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The ‘pad seemed to be a big disappointment across the board of fans and foes. Whether it was due to the lack of Flash, multi-tasking, camera, USB input, removable battery, memory card reader, wide screen, …and the list goes on. The typical Apple hype machine failed, big time. Everyone were dismayed by the fact that its just a big ipod touch and that it was still stuck on AT&T’s network.

Oh and then there are all the feminine hygiene product jokes on that horrible horrible name for a product- something everyone seemed to agree upon. Like ipod became a generic name to describe an MP3 player- we will not stand by and watch the tablet computer be called a ipad- a form factor which Apple had nothing to to with its conception nor innovation!

These devices are called tablets- not ‘pads.There will never be an awkward moment when your female friend says “Check out my new ipad” and you instinctively glance at her nether region- embarrassingly realizing what you just did. Tablets. Tablets. Tablets!

Here at ABI we will be promoting this form factor and the use of the proper term tablet, in a new anythingbutipad section. In addition to the already amazing MP3 player reviews and content we will be doing the same for the tablet scene. A forward facing blog will arise soon on CrowdGather’s amazing new CMS, but for now we will be blogging and creating this content in our tablet sub forum. So join the conversation, there are already quite a few great posts on this blog to be:

Anythingbuipad – Tablets not Pads