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SanDisk Sansa TakeTV

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SanDisk’s new TakeTV is a simple way to get content from your computer to your TV. The TakeTV is a simple 4GB and 8GB flash drive will plug into a docking station connected to your TV, supporting up to 30FPS DVD resolution (720×576). It will be supporting MPEG4, DivX, and XviD and include DivX’s DRM scheme. The DivX DRM will support SanDisk’s yet to be released Fanfare downloading service which will allow for TV and movie downloads. The information mentions that it works only with Windows XP and Vista but there is not mention of WMV or WMV DRM. This leaves out all other movie download services such as Cinema Now and Amazon Unboxed.

No word on official release date but the 4GB and 8GB versions will sell for $100 and $150 respectively with docking station and remote control.

Update:The official specs are in at Take.TV.

[ via Engadget]

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