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Sony “Touch” X-1000 Photos Surface

sony walkman x 1000 Sony “Touch” X 1000 Photos Surface

No too long ago the “Sony Touch” appeared as very crude mockups. Real photos have now surfaced. The specs appear to be what we SonyInsider got the scoop on in that first article- Wi-Fi, 16GB, 32GB ect. I will keep you posted as soon as i get some more info on the show floor of CES 2009.

[Gizmodo | SlashGear]

Update: Press release and video below.

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Sony Walkman Touch

walkman touch Sony Walkman Touch

Sick of all the Zune Touch rumors? Here is another touch based player, though this time it’s not rumor. Sonyinsider reports on this player with some mock up product shots showing a device like the Cowon S9 or the Samsung P2 (or the upcoming P3). This PMP will be unveiled during this CES 2009 with capacities of 16GB and 32GB. It will also have Wi-Fi and a high contrast OLED, likely to be 480×278.

The player will have resemble past Sony UIs and will allow you to click on an artist and watch Youtube videos by them over the Wi-Fi connection. It will also have podcast downloads and access to Crackle (Sony’s video site) video feeds. Additionally, a search function is there so you can download and purchase music from Amazon directly.

The one thing that caught my attention was the “S-Master digital amplifier”, this could only bring good news to us more-expensive-than-the-player headphone toting audio junkies.

We will be front and center to give you the low down on this touch Walkman at CES 2009.