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Close Look at the Disney Mix Stick

disney mix stick Close Look at the Disney Mix Stick

What do you get your 9 year old girl cousin for Christmas? Well, some sort of toy or doll I suppose. But being the gadget person that I am, the gift had to have some kind of microchip inside of it. So I decided to check out the Disney Mix Stick.

The Disney Mix Stick is one of the few MP3 players aimed at a younger crowd; a much younger 8-14 crowd. The Mix Stick supports MP3 as well as WMA / WMA DRM and comes with 128MB of built in memory. Additionally, you can add more memory or special preloaded MMC/SC memory cards. It is a universal mass storage device so will work with either PC or Mac without additional drivers.

I think this is a great product for that particular age group, however it will fail to impress anyone outside of the “tween” girl demographic.

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