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U100: iriver isn’t Quite Dead Yet

iriver u100 U100: iriver isnt Quite Dead YetIt’s been rather quiet around iriver (the company formerly known as iRiver) lately.  In the last few years they didn’t really manage to create a player that evoked more than a lukewarm response in reviewers and customers alike. Now they’re back once more, this time with the U100. Besides the pink and toxic green shown in the picture, the rather uniquely shaped player comes in at least one additional color that doesn’t result in instant eye cancer: black.

The U100 sports a 3.1″ 480×320 touchscreen TFT, comes in meager sizes from 4 to 16GB, has a MicroSDHC expansion slot, and should give very good battery life – 50 hours for music, 11 for video. Sound-wise, iriver unfortunately still sticks with SRS audio enhancements. Compared to Cowon’s BBE, Samsung’s DNSe, and the rest, SRS sounds rather artificial and mushy. For bookworms the U100 might be worth a second glance: besides basic TXT it supports ePub and PDF as well.

Spec-wise iriver is maybe a little late to the party, obviously aiming at the same market segment as the Cowon J3 or Samsung R1, but the U100 has one more trick up its sleeve: it comes in two variants, with and without Wifi. So I guess the Zune HD can be seen as another competition for the U100. It’s not known yet what kind of browser the U100 provides (if any), or what OS it runs – or if it’s ever going to see the light of day outside of South Korea.

Thanks to lebellium for the tip. Korean product page. Via JDG.

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