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Toshiba Gigabeat U103 with 24 Colors

toshiba gigabeat u103 purple green Toshiba Gigabeat U103 with 24 Colors

Making a considerable splash in the color palette by all standards, Toshiba’s next DAP to join the Gigabeat U series offers an assortment of 24 colors. In the same fashion as previously added models to the U series, the advancement is purely cosmetic, but the U103 succeeds in producing a striking change from the black and silver of the U102 and U202.

Drawing its inspiration from culture and tradition of Japan, the color range of the U103 has been designed to reflect an observation of harmony in an environment. To confirm the assumption you may have already made: the Toshiba Gigabeat U103 only has plans to be released in Japan, where is will sell for an equivalent of $115.

[Press Release via Impress]

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