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Toshiba Renovates the Gigabeat U-series

toshiba gigabeat u104 u205 u206 Toshiba Renovates the Gigabeat U series

Several updates are coming the way of the Gigabeat U-series this month in Japan, as Toshiba are introducing new versions of both the flat surface and cross-shaped control designs. Carrying the first of these designs, the U104 and U205 hold 1GB and 2GB of storage respectively and offer a glittered colored ring in pink, gold, or blue. The storage sizes are not the only difference, as the U205 also comes with FM tuner, FM transmitter, and a pair of canalphones.

Wearing the cross-shaped controls the U206 adopts all the functionality of the U205, but it will throw aside the pastel for metallic blue, red and brown. There is no talk of releasing the players elsewhere, but pricing stands at 9,980 Yen ($87) for the U104, and 14,800 Yen ($129) for both 2GB versions.

[Product Page via Impress]

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