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Samsung P3, Q2, & U5 Get Official US Release Dates and Pricing

p3 release main Samsung P3, Q2, & U5 Get Official US Release Dates and Pricing

We have been holding out here for quite a while for the P3. The rest of the world (even Canada!) has seen the light of this player but finally the US will see it in May. (Press Release) It will retail for $150(8GB), $200(16GB), and $300(32GB), slightly cheaper than what the S9 is currently selling for.

In addition to the P3 the small flash player the U5 as well as the Q2 will arrive stateside sometime in April. The U5 will sell for a mere $40 for a 2GB and the Q2 will retail for $100/$130 in 8GB and 16GB respectively.

The P3 has been one of my main players for the last few months and has gone though some significantly better firmware updates. With the recent update it has become one of my favorites, even edging out the Cowon S9 by a small margin. Stay tuned for a proper in-depth ABI review of the P3 and in the mean time you can check out some user opinions in the P3 forum.

Samsung Introduces U5 DoReMi

samsung u5 Samsung Introduces U5 DoReMi

Samsung’s U3 was a decent sized fail and the U4 more or less came and went without anyone noticing. Samsung hasn’t given up on stick players, and is back with the U5 – also called DoReMi.

The specs are basically the same as any other stick player out there; 4 line OLED screen, integrated USB plug, 18 hours of battery life and an FM radio. It will come it 2, 4 and 8GB capacities, but no pricing or release date is known at this point.

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