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Reader Rigs: DFKT’s Cowon S9 + Headsix + UE11

dfkt rig 01 Reader Rigs: DFKT’s Cowon S9 + Headsix + UE11

We all love to show off our portable gear, whether its low key or something flashy and expensive- its a lot of fun to see how we all make our portable audio experience personal. In the forums we have a subforum dedicated to showing off your gear. The thread that started it all continues to grow into something massive:Show off your portable audio stuff! (56k warning)

Every so often we thought it would be cool to show off some of the site reader or forum member’s portable audio setups. To start it all off we thought it would be appropriate to feature the creator of the portable rig thread, DFKT aka Martin Sägmüller, our headphone editor and forum admin. As an enthusiast, he has quite a few rigs shown off, but this one is one of the more recent and stunning. Below are some photos and breakdown of this luscious setup.

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How it Works: Ultimate Ears UE11 Pro Subwoofer

ue11 How it Works: Ultimate Ears UE11 Pro Subwoofer

As with anything electronic there is always some kind of race; mega pixels on cameras, storage capacity on MP3 players and so on. When it comes to IEMs, the race has been about putting more and more armatures into already cramped earphones. No doubt there’s a lot of marketing aspects behind this, but that doesn’t mean it’s not about getting better sound – specially when you step up a few price ranges.

The Ultimate Ears UE11 Pro is the latest wonder in IEM technology, packing four separate speakers in each earphone – among them a sub woofer. The reason behind this method is to provide a different armature for each frequency range and thereby providing more real sound. has made a great “how it works” feature explaining how this technology works and why it’s as good as they say. Hit the link for the full feature.

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