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LG UP3 Continues the Trend

lg up3 LG UP3 Continues the Trend

Holding onto the design first established by LG’s FM37, the slim brushed metal body and polished frame are also employed by the UP3. The usual 2.4-inch screen has been replaced with a smaller OLED with 65k color display for the new model. Video and image capabilities are not included, but the UP3 still supports MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and FM Radio and voice recording.

A retractable USB connection is built-in to the player which comes with a pair of IEMs and in five different colors. The internal flash memory is used as a USB storage drive in capacities of 1GB for 69,000 Won ($77), 2GB for 84,000 Won ($93), and 4GB which is yet to be priced.

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