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VLC is coming to Android, really soon

vlc and VLC is coming to Android, really soonIt’s no secret that the VLC Media Player for Android has been in development for a long time, and now it seems official builds will finally be available to the public.

Same as VLC for Windows, OS X, and various Linux/Unix flavors, VLC for Android promises to play every audio and video format in every container… ever. For now hardware decoding is experimental, so one would need a fairly beefy device to do software decoding, especially for HD video formats. Contrary to its full-fledged-OS brethren, VLC for Android also features a media library and touch gesture controls, as expected from a portable application. Network video streaming is also supported, which comes in mighty handy when one wishes to have one’s whole movie collection in one’s hand.

My favorite Android video player, MX Player, just ditched DTS audio support due to licensing issues, and – to the best of my knowledge – no Android player so far supports newfangled Hi10P video. For these two issues alone I’m looking forward to VLC.

Until VLC arrives on the Google Play Store, here are official (unsupported) nightly builds, for the impatient.

UPDATE: VLC Mobile Team now officially made it to the Play Store.