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Sony’s Android Z Walkman is heading to the US of A and E of U

Z1000 black front c Sonys Android Z Walkman is heading to the US of A and E of USony’s Android-driven Z series Walkman which we talked about earlier is finally ready for launch in the western world.

Some hardware and software specs sure are a bit of a letdown – no MKV or subtitle support for video, no FLAC/Vorbis for audio, only 20 hours audio and 5 hours video battery life, no SD slot, no camera, no GPS, almost no tactile buttons, and so on.

On the other hand, the 1 GHz dual-core Tegra 2 in the X series should be beefy enough for demanding apps, and the included official Android Market makes sure you get said apps as easily as possible onto the device. All is fine on the connectivity front as well, from Wi-Fi B/G/N over Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (A2DP, AVRCP, OPP) to HDMI-out. The Z series sports Sony’s usual S-Master amp and tons of sound enhancements and EQ presets. Let’s hope those are global settings, like on the Cowon D3, so any 3rd party app can access them as well.

Considering Sony’s competition in the Android non-phone market, ranging from various inexpensive Archos devices to Samsung Galaxy Players, the price of the Z sure isn’t the biggest bargain, with the 8 GB model going for $250, the 16 GB one for $280, and the 32 GB bigwig for $330. Remember: no SD slot available.

On a side note, I wonder how that “Eurphoric” typo managed to sneak into Sony’s official press image on the right… I would recommend MP3Tag for future press shots.

[Sony press release (with full specs sheet) via Engadget]

Sony’s Walkman Outsells Apple For the First Time in Japan

FileWalkmanTPS L2 Sonys Walkman Outsells Apple For the First Time in JapanAFP reports that Sony’s market share for MP3 players for last month was 47.8% compared to Apple’s 44%. Since the early reign of the cassette Walkman’s that started over 3 decades ago, it looks like Sony is back on top for portable players in Japan. Also on top now for the 10 years of MP3 player.

(img credit Wikipedia)

Official Sony Walkman S540 Series Demo Video

sony x540 demo Official Sony Walkman S540 Series Demo Video

Omar from Sony Europe walks us through the Sony S540 in this minute long piece of over-produced HD delight. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know.

According to Omar, the S540 plays music and video, has a 42 hour battery life for audio, 6.5 for video. It also has built-in stereo speakers, and has an FM radio, which it can also record from.

And of course, it is only 10.2mm slim. He doesn’t have mammoth hands, it really is that slim! Video after the jump.

[via Engadget]

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Sony X Series X-1000 Review

sony x1000 main Sony X Series X 1000 Review

In a battle for touch screen MP3 players Sony swung for the fences with a premium product with a price to match well above the competition. To those who have the extra cash to spend the premium price may well be justified. These unique to the competition features include YouTube browsing, Slacker Radio (US Only), direct podcast downloads, premium noise canceling headphones, and a semi-useful web browser.

Some of the highlights of this player include an amazing looking OLED screen with a capacitive touch screen with a lightning fast response. You can also expect great sound quality like most of Sony’s other players. Read on for the full in depth look at the Sony X-1000 player.

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Microsoft Live Search Default on New Sony Walkman X-1000

sony walkman x1000 main Microsoft Live Search Default on New Sony Walkman X 1000

Sony today announced (translated) the release of the X-1000 for the Japanese market on April 25th. One of the less touted and more interesting aspects in this announcement is the use of Microsoft’s Live search as the main search for the built in NetFront browser (same browser found on the PSP). MS may have landed the search contract but Google can be found on the player in the form of YouTube.

Microsoft is working hard to improve search and the hardest part is just getting people to use it as default or at all for that matter. They have already struck deals with laptop makers such as Lenovo for Live as default, so it makes a lot of sense to make some inroads on portable devices.

The release dates pricing for the US is still to be announced. In Japan however, the 16GB NWZ-X1050 and the 32GB NWZ-X1060 are selling for 40,000 and 50,000 Yen respectively. Converting this puts the player at $400 and $500! Ouch! Though I highly doubt that this will be the US MSRP since the Japanese version includes a 1-seg digital TV tuner, a TV standard we don’t have in the US and will be stripped when it makes it stateside.

Embedded below is the Sony’s own promotional video showing the X-1000 in action. PC World also got a chance to take a look at at this new player if you are looking for some initial opinions.

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Sony A820 Review

sony a820 main Sony A820 Review

The A820 series is Sony’s latest and flagship in the Walkman line up. As the head honcho of the family, the A820 is the first to sport Bluetooth audio. Unlike recent Samsung players which support extended Bluetooth features, this Sony only supports Bluetooth audio transfer and control. If you have used any of the more recent Sony Walkmans you will get a near identical experience since the interface and the features are the same. The only new thing here is the addition of Bluetooth, larger screen, and different form factor.

With that said, this review will be slightly abridged since have pretty much covered the majority of the A820 in the A810 and S610 reviews. This review will focus mainly on what makes this player stand out from the other Sony Walkmans.

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Sony BDZ-A70 Blu-Ray Recorder is Walkman Compatible

walkman bluray Sony BDZ A70 Blu Ray Recorder is Walkman Compatible

When the NW-A820 (not to be confused with the NWZ-A820) was first announced in Asia it was said to support video recording through a special video dock. While this hasn’t been confirmed for the NWZ-820, there is still hope for those who want to bring their TV shows with them – the new Sony BDZ-A70 Blu-Ray recorder.

The BDZ-A70 should come as a pleasant surprise for those who were let down when the new PS3 firmware turned out to be lacking the long promised Blu-Ray transfer feature. Even if that feature is still missing on the BDZ-A70 it’s capable of recording TV and transferring the recorded shows directly to a PSP or Sony Walkman. Transfer times are stated to be about 3 minutes for 60 minutes of recorded TV, which isn’t bad at all. It’s definitely a step in the right direction in ways of making electronics compatible with each other, even if it only works for Sony devices. It’s due in Japan on April 30th with a price tag of about $1670.

[AV Watch via Gizmodo]

Sony S610 Review

sony s610 main Sony S610 Review

Sony’s S610 is their low man on the totem pole in the new line of video flash players sporting 2, 4, and 8GB capacities. This is last year’s model but Sony has decided to keep it around to accompany the newer 2.4” screened Bluetooth players. But don’t let the “last year’s model” deter you from purchasing. The S610 is by no means out of date- features, sound quality, and video playback are comparable to most players currently on the market.

If you read the A810 review, you may experience a bit of déjà vu since these two players share similar features and navigation. The S610 may be a good alternative if you are looking for an FM radio and a slightly more compact form factor.

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Sony A810 Review

sony a810 main Sony A810 Review

Sony never got too much play on this site since Sony locked all of their MP3 players into their proprietary media player SonicStage. I love their designs, sound quality, and battery life but SonicStage was so unbelievably terrible it kept me from picking up any of their players. Sony finally wised up and joined the rest of the portable music world making their devices MTP, thus being compatible with most media players and music services.

Sony will soon release the A820, an upgraded version with Bluetooth, larger screen, and larger capacities. However, the A810 should not be pushed aside; it is still a very viable MP3 player that will still keep up with anything in its class. It is a great choice for people not needing all the bells and whistles of its newer sibling.

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