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Windows 7 Hits the Market

windows7 Windows 7 Hits the Market

Today is the day that Windows users have been waiting for since 2001- the day when Microsoft releases an XP update that isn’t complete and utter crap. Unlike Vista, Windows 7 maintains the low profile of Windows XP while also giving the user the interface of Vista. Many people had to skip Vista due to slow or old computers, but with Windows 7 you can run the newest version of Windows on more or less any machine that runs XP- including netbooks.

This is of course an MP3 player website and so computer operating systems isn’t normally our business, but the release of Windows 7 does bring a lot of features that directly affects how you use your MP3 player with the OS. Read on for a list of how WIndows 7 will improve your MP3 player experience.

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Device Stage on Windows 7

win7ds av Device Stage on Windows 7

The Windows 7 Beta has been out for a while now and people are mostly impressed. On top of being a more efficient OS than Vista it also has some new features that look interesting – including Device Stage. Device Stage is a system where manufacturers can make their own little mini-interface for their devices and include features like links to accessories, user manuals, access customer support and so on – directly in Windows 7 and without any additional installs.

Sony already has this working for the Windows 7 beta and it’s all very automatic and nice looking. The Device Stage works sort of like a browser and can view both web pages (like for accessories) and PDF manuals directly in the interface. You can set up syncs, view remaining capacity and battery life and a bunch of other things directly from the Device Stage page. Hit the jump for more pics showing off Device Stage for the Sony A820.

Thanks go to Atald on the forum for the pictures and info!

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