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R7: Cowon, what were you thinking?

cowon r7 R7: Cowon, what were you thinking?

Cowon Korea just announced the R7, a “Full HD Super PMP”, which is more of a 7″ tablet without connectivity. At 800×480 pixel it sports quite low resolution for that screen size, but – as far as I can interpret the Korean specs sheet – it should have excellent battery life: 65 hours for audio, 10 for video. As is usually the case with Cowon, the R7 supports every audio and video format known to man (including MKV, TS, 3GP, APE, Musepack, Wavpack, True Audio), and of course 1080p playback as well. Judging by the specs, it seems this one doesn’t support BBE sound enhancements for videos, only for audio – like the V5 and O2 before it. It comes in respectable sizes up to 64GB, sports a MicroSDHC slot, and an HDMI output.

Here’s the real zinger, however: it runs on Windows CE 6.0. This is not a joke. While the rest of the planet strives to implement WP 7 Mango (as far as Microsoft’s mobile OS goes), Android, or iOS, Cowon took a step back to the good old days of CE 6, as already found in their rather underwhelming V5 PMP of last year. Actually, the R7 is just a V5 with a bigger screen (at the same resolution).

It is even more bewildering, considering Cowon already have an Android device on the market with the D3, offering a more modern,  more widely used, and arguably better operating system than on the R7. I definitely would have expected them to release an Android tablet, not a WinCE one. Then again, the R7 has no Wi-Fi connectivity, so it might not matter after all. Either way, consider me once again baffled about Cowon’s decisions. Once again it seems like the advancements in portable device design seen in the last few years went past Cowon.

[Cowon Korea product page via iAudiophile]

Details Emerge on Meizu M8 PMP

meizu m8 concept Details Emerge on Meizu M8 PMP

Way back in August, there was some speculation about a new Meizu player dubbed the M8 that supposedly ran a version of the Windows CE operating system on a 533MHz ARM11 processor. But when the rumor didn’t pick up any speed after that, we shelved it.

But now, five months later, guess who’s back. This time sporting a no-way-is-that-real iPhone look, the M8 is equipped with a 3.3-inch VGA display (720 x 480), 3-megapixel digital camera, A/V outputs, and a dock connector. Oh, and did we mention that it’s now a GSM and 3G cell phone? Riiiight.

The one bit that’s stuck, though, is the ARM11 processor and WinCE (identified as version 6.0). So even though we’re still filing this under “rumor” for the time being, we do believe that something unlike Meizu’s other players is afoot.

[Meizu forum (Chinese) via dapreview]

Meizu M8 in the Works?

 Meizu M8 in the Works?

While many in the U.S. are still trying to get their hands on the Meizu M6 miniPlayer, information about a rumored M8 successor has already been spotted and subsequently published (as headline news) on the front page of

According to a member of the tech site’s Meizu forums, early info from JW (whatever/whoever that is) seems to indicate that the M8 will feature a 2.6-inch VGA screen and run some version of Window CE on a 533 MHz ARM11 processor possibly manufactured by Samsung. It also seems that the new device will be equipped with a non-removable battery and be without an expansion card slot.

The speculative article concludes with an uncertain iconic equation: Samsung + Microsoft = Meizu? Whether any of this pans out into anything substantial remains to be seen, but we’ll definitely keep an eye on it.