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JVC’s Got New Wooden IEMs

jvc ha fx700 JVC’s Got New Wooden IEMs

If you ever wanted an expensive set of IEMs with all the appeal of 1970s wood paneling, has JVC got the answer for you. JVC’s new HA-FX700 is an updated version of their similarly wooden clad HA-FX500 from 2 years ago.

The HA-FX700, which weigh in at 9.6g, feature a 10mm cone driver with a 6Hz-26,000Hz frequency response range at 16Ω. They’re also filled with several tiny parts which I assume are important. They also come with small, medium, and large tips.

jvc ha fx700 2 JVC’s Got New Wooden IEMs

So how much will these beauties run you? About $330 USD. But put your credit card back, because they won’t be available ’till February. And if you’re wondering what kind of wood that is, it’s birch folks. Birch. That’s some high quality wood right there. If you ever want wood, that’s the wood to get.

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Designer Creates a Wooden Speaker Handbag

woodspeakerbag Designer Creates a Wooden Speaker Handbag

If you’ve ever wished you had a wooden box which was shaped like a handbag and had a speaker in it, Japanese artist Yoshihiko Satoh has just the thing for you.
The speaker—which is available in maple and mahogany—features a built-in amp, a 30W driver and enough room to carry your MP3 player, but that’s probably about it.

If you decide to fork out the ¥31,500 ($336) for the speaker, be sure not to puncture your completely unprotected woofer. Also, you will be laughed at, there’s no avoiding that.

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How To Make Your Own Dock

how to make dock avatar How To Make Your Own Dock

I’ve lived in my hobby shop for large parts of my life. Some of the readers on here might have seen the giant wooden Zen Stone and I’ve also done bigger projects like the D2 Jukebox dock and other wood projects. A lot of people ask me how I do these things and while some of them require a certain knowledge of electronics, the wood part of each project is 99% knowing what machine to use and how to use it.

Both Grahm and myself love docks for everything, unfortunately few players and gadgets have docks available. This is where the woodworking really comes handy, as you can make whatever you need quick and cheap. It looks more difficult than it is so in an effort to help people make their own docks and stand, here’s a guide on how to make your own docks and stands.

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