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Sony X Series X-1000 Review

sony x1000 main Sony X Series X 1000 Review

In a battle for touch screen MP3 players Sony swung for the fences with a premium product with a price to match well above the competition. To those who have the extra cash to spend the premium price may well be justified. These unique to the competition features include YouTube browsing, Slacker Radio (US Only), direct podcast downloads, premium noise canceling headphones, and a semi-useful web browser.

Some of the highlights of this player include an amazing looking OLED screen with a capacitive touch screen with a lightning fast response. You can also expect great sound quality like most of Sony’s other players. Read on for the full in depth look at the Sony X-1000 player.

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Microsoft Live Search Default on New Sony Walkman X-1000

sony walkman x1000 main Microsoft Live Search Default on New Sony Walkman X 1000

Sony today announced (translated) the release of the X-1000 for the Japanese market on April 25th. One of the less touted and more interesting aspects in this announcement is the use of Microsoft’s Live search as the main search for the built in NetFront browser (same browser found on the PSP). MS may have landed the search contract but Google can be found on the player in the form of YouTube.

Microsoft is working hard to improve search and the hardest part is just getting people to use it as default or at all for that matter. They have already struck deals with laptop makers such as Lenovo for Live as default, so it makes a lot of sense to make some inroads on portable devices.

The release dates pricing for the US is still to be announced. In Japan however, the 16GB NWZ-X1050 and the 32GB NWZ-X1060 are selling for 40,000 and 50,000 Yen respectively. Converting this puts the player at $400 and $500! Ouch! Though I highly doubt that this will be the US MSRP since the Japanese version includes a 1-seg digital TV tuner, a TV standard we don’t have in the US and will be stripped when it makes it stateside.

Embedded below is the Sony’s own promotional video showing the X-1000 in action. PC World also got a chance to take a look at at this new player if you are looking for some initial opinions.

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An Early Hands on with the Sony X-1000

sony x1000 hands on main An Early Hands on with the Sony X 1000

Greg from Journal Du Geek got his hands on an early pre release test sample of the Sony X-1000. I had a conversation with him early this morning and he is very impressed. He said that the sound quality is amazing along with touch screen responsiveness better than the iPod Touch. The web browser is a bit quirky similar to the awkward Mylo browser, but overall he was very impressed with this test model.

If you missed the specs the player will have an OLED (432×240) screen, FM tuner, noise cancellation, web browser, Amazon store connectivity, and support for: MP3, WMA, AAC, WMV, MPEG-4, AVC. It will come in 16GB and 32GB versions. The prices are set for 280 and 380 Euros respectively- a bit steep it seems but we will have to wait and see how that translates to this side of the pond. Release is also very vague as its said to be around spring time.

Check out the Greg’s post for more photos. The touch category is heating up, I looking forward to doing an S9 vs P3 vs X-1000 ultimate match up.

Sony “Touch” X-1000 Photos Surface

sony walkman x 1000 Sony “Touch” X 1000 Photos Surface

No too long ago the “Sony Touch” appeared as very crude mockups. Real photos have now surfaced. The specs appear to be what we SonyInsider got the scoop on in that first article- Wi-Fi, 16GB, 32GB ect. I will keep you posted as soon as i get some more info on the show floor of CES 2009.

[Gizmodo | SlashGear]

Update: Press release and video below.

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