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Alneo, New Flash DAPs by JVC Victor

alneo c109 Alneo, New Flash DAPs by JVC Victor

In February JVC Victor will release some new flash players, the Alneo XA-HD500 with a capacity of up to 6GB and the Alneo XA-C109 with only up to 1GB. Not great but both will feature seemingly semiprofessional recording capabilities via line-in and microphone. Otherwise the specs are nothing unusual: MP3, WMA (DRM), WAV playback, FM radio. The HD500 will be available in silver and black, the C109 in silver, black, red and blue.

You can check out some images on the JVC Victor site: Alneo XA-HD500 and Alneo XA-C109 (in Japanese).

I wonder if the “Left/Right/Stereo” indicators on the XA-C109 mean you can record from line-in in a more professional manner, for example with manual gain control. Or maybe it just means the player is equipped with a stereo microphone. We will know for sure when the specs are available in English.

[Via Akihabara News]

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