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Special Edition Gears of War 2 Zune 120 in November

gowzune Special Edition Gears of War 2 Zune 120 in November

The Xbox 360 players among us (which just got organized) should be aware that Gears of War 2 is due out in November. This is one of the big game titles for Xbox 360 and is highly anticipated. Microsoft knows this game is big and have now announced that they are releasing a special edition Gears of War 2 120GB Zune when the game launches on November 7.

The player won’t just have a special design, it will also come packed with a lot of special features; 244 files made up of soundtrack, concept art and other goodies. The player looks awesome and should turn a few heads in the Xbox 360 community. It’s up for preorder now on Amazon for $279.99.

[Zunerama | Got Zune]

Microsoft Zune is Official

microsoft zune logo Microsoft Zune is Official

Microsoft’s Zune is official and will be without a doubt taking an alligator sized bite of the iPod’s market share. Why? Content, interactivity, integration and a virtually endless supply of money.

The Zune will have its own content platform apart from Microsoft’s PlaysForSure initiative. This service will create an interactive community though Wi-Fi more than likely with buddy lists, playlist sharing, and content sharing. This player will also tightly integrate with the Xbox 360 and Windows Media Center to name a few. It is also rumored that Microsoft will purchase your locked down iPod music files for use on the Zune for an easy switch (how ironic). The player is said to be release before the end of the year with more devices in 2007. Engadget has a nice run down of what we know and don’t know yet.

Here is the official Zune viral marketing site and a few other articles discussing the Zune. via MobilWhack | ZuneInsider via dapreview