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Xbox Zune Music Markeplace Brings on the Third Screen

zune on xbox 520x390 Xbox Zune Music Markeplace Brings on the Third Screen

I like to use Zune’s Smart DJ feature, those who are not familiar its like Pandora on Sterioids, but the problem always was that it didnt work well in the living room. Yeah, you could dock the Zune and hook it up to your TV but the UI was horrible with the tiny supplied remote. That all has changed with the addition of Zune Music on the Xbox. The third 10 foot living room UI was translated really well from the desktop PC experience- it has a very familiar feel but works great with an XBox controller or Xbox Harmony remote. While I haven’t yet tested it, this will also work with the upcoming Kinect to be released on the 5th of November.

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Xbox Media Center [XBMC] Review

rect xbmc Xbox Media Center [XBMC] Review

Open source software has made strides as of recently from full blown operating system, games, and even media management and playback software. The obvious advantages of open source software to the end user is both innovation and cost. The disadvantage with a great deal of open source software has been the user interface and ease of use. Xbox Media Center started as an open source media organizer and player for a modified original Xbox console. Recently the Xbox Media Center project has expanded to support Windows based computer as well as a host of other platforms.

A major benefit to running a full screen media management and playback application is the ability to use it comfortably in the living room with a consumer electronic feel, rather than a computer feel to the interface. In this article I will focus on the Windows version of Xbox Media Center with it’s well thought out interface and how it can be useful in the living room setting for music playback and organization.

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